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Humanoid Robot Coming to Reality

Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2022-03-24 12:15:11 | Author: YU?Haoyuan

By YU Haoyuan

Chinese company exhibits several humanoild robots in Dalian EX Future and Science Museum. (PHOTO: EXROBOTS OFFICIAL WEBSITE)

Inside China's Dalian EX Future and Science Museum, serval bionic robots built with silicone skin are being exhibited to the public. These robots are so lifelike, and it is hard to believe they are not real.

The designers are planning to make more realistic humanoid robots. A clip released by CGTN shows that after a man has his face scanned on a computer, his robotic version can be printed out. What is most impressive is that this robot can almost imitate all the man's movements, including rolling his eyes or sticking his tongue out.

The robot is made of medical-grade bionic silicone, and the designers have considered every detail to make it more human-like. You can see details like the goosebumps and veins on the robot's arms, and the palm lines on its hands. So far, the robot's company is setting up plans to let people customize their own robots in the museum.

This is not the first time the EX robots have been demonstrated to the public. "Albert Einstein" and a "Steve Jobs" versions have already shown what they are capable of at the 2021 World Robot Conference.

And besides being seen in the museum, they have also been used in reality. In November 2021, a female EX robot, "Jin Xiaopu," was employed to guide COVID-19 nucleic acid testing. Its novelty appearance during the pandemic not only relieved public tension, but also reduced the medical staffs' workload.

Editor: 余昊原

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